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Trabajamos con exitosas compañías de diversos sectores en Latinoamérica.

"I want to address you to thank the impeccable support and service that led us to the implementation of the Systematic Commercial initiative (Sistemática Comercial), which is very important for the organization and was carried out in a very short time generating great achievements and most importantly with quality.
Thanks a lot to each and every one of the members that contributed to make it a reality, to whom I copy and I want to acknowledge your commitment. These are achievements that confirm us that you are our allies. "

Adriana Marcela Ramírez Gómez.
Chief of Application Support and Quality – Customers & ERP
Grupo Bancolombia

"Every step, every drop of sweat, every tear spilled, every smile, meetings with ups and downs and satisfactions, agreements and disagreements, triumphs and defeats, new technologies, new ideas, new methods and a great team make us important areas, I feel proud to be here with you, synergists, these are the things that fill our days with light to continue this near future where we’ll have to take the great leap of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. 

To each of you a strong and warm hug, many congratulations and go further, your work is valuable, lift your spirits. A thousand Thanks".

Gonzalo Franco Velasquez
SIT Development Manager
DLM - Leonisa Direct Purchase






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